Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Beautiful Life: Day 13

Place Your Value in Eternal Things
What do you recognize that is valuable in your life? Take a moment and reflect upon why you do what you do. Why do you wake up in the mornings? Why do you come home in the evenings? You must turn into your mind to answer these questions. You can not look at external factors to help you appreciate your life. It all starts within you. Your heart, your mind, and your spirit are all connected, but it is your mind that will ultimately determine the direction of your life. Your thoughts ultimately determine your actions. Your mind has the ability to focus on either the negative aspects of life or the positive aspects of life. Your mind is so powerful that it can lead you to living a completely fulfilling and rewarding life. If you are serious about making the necessary changes in your life, take one step at a time and start today. Don't look to the movies, the media, and your things to find happiness. These things although nice, are just temporary. Ask yourself,  what is most important in your life? Where — and with whom — should you put most of your time and energy? Relationships, building character and showing love are things that will begin to effect your life and leave a lasting change. If you appreciate materialistic possessions rather than your relationship with others and God, your life will become based and centered around materialistic possessions. Appreciating your life starts with the core of you. Complain less, and thank God more. Stop regretting the past, and start living today.You decide what you choose to value and what you don’t. You determine how you feel and your emotions. It takes a conscious mind to focus your attention on what you truly appreciate in your life. You can become thankful for your many blessings, and be grateful for all that God has done for you. 

2 Corinthians 4:18
So we don't look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.

A Prayer for Today
Thank You Lord for helping me to focus on what matters most to You. There are many distractions in this world, and I don't want them to lead me away from You. Help me to appreciate all that I have, and all those You have placed in my life. Help me to not think about the past, but to look forward to the future with joy.