Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Beautiful Life: Day 5

So Much to Be Thankful For
Why are newborn Christians so on fire for God? Because their newborn experience is fresh on their mind. They think about it all the time, and since it's a glorious thing to think about, they are naturally all fired up over their newfound relationship with God! The same is true when a person first comes into the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They are on cloud nine, because they are meditating or thinking often about the great gift they have been given! The reason so many people lose their fire, is because they've stopped thinking about the wonderful gifts they've been given. We as Christians should continue in this excitement and think often about our relationship with God and the blessings He's given us. If we do that in our everyday lives, we will come into perfect peace. Don't overlook the things you enjoy on a daily basis - keep them at the front of your mind and thank God for the little provisions He has made for you. Take a moment and think of your many blessings. Not material things, but all that God has done for you. You got in the car and arrived safely to your destination. You ate your last meal and didn't get sick. You woke up this morning and got yourself dressed because you had the ability to. When you think about it, not everyone woke up this morning. Not everyone who got in a car today arrived safely to their destinations. All of these things are daily blessings that God has blessed us to be able to enjoy. What else do you have to be grateful for? 

Isaiah 26:3
Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

A Prayer for Today
Thank You for having kept me alive, for giving me shelter, warmth and nourishment. Thank you, Lord, for having given me friends and dear ones to love. Thank you for all that You created in heaven and on earth, especially man and woman, whom You created in Your own image and likeness. Thank you for the innocent little babies and children who will one day serve You. Thank You for the good souls, who live according to Your will and live to please You. Help us to realize and appreciate the many blessings You give to us every day.